Now if a bird or a fish tries to reach the end of its element before moving in it, this bird or this fish will not find its way or its place. When you find your place where you are, practice occurs, actualizing the fundamental point. When you find your way at this moment, practice occurs, actualizing the fundamental point.

Dogen, “Genjo Koan”



Bird Haven Zendo is an intimate home-style Soto Zen practice place sitting on 5 wooded acres in the foothills between the Willamette Valley and the Coast Range mountains of western Oregon. Kenshin Catherine Cascade and Yudo John Mogey, both priests in the lineage of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, are in residence year round.

The Zendo and grounds offer a place for both formal sitting meditation and the moving, interactive mediation of daily life in a rural setting. In the second-floor Zendo of the main house we practice the Soto Zen style of shikantaza, or “just sitting,” at the beginning and end of each day. In the gardens, woods, pottery and art workshop, the kitchen, library, laundry room and wide front porch, we practice the dynamic zen of everyday life. We practice in silence from Monday lunchtime through Tuesday breakfast as well during monthly 1-day retreats.

We offer this practice place to anyone with a sincere desire to participate harmoniously.






Affirmation of Welcome

Walking the path of liberation, our lives arise together with all beings, human, animal, plant, mineral; sentient and insentient; known and unknown; in a Buddha Field beyond form and formlessness.  Bowing to the interconnectedness of all beings, we vow to support harmony in the community free from the hindrances of non-acceptance due to race, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical form or condition.  May all beings realize their true nature.








Bird Haven Zendo
23296 Bird Haven Lane
Cheshire, Or 97419

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